Quinn is a cute and cuddly (and fit!) gay boy who is fairly new at Corbin Fisher. He’s lucky to get veteran Josh to service him! Enjoy their hot scene!

Quinn is a cute 22 year-old who had a friend tell him he should try out for Corbin Fisher. Muchas gracias to that friend!

The first time Quinn had sex he was 16. He and his boyfriend were on the bed cuddling and Quinn had considered himself a “save it for marriage” type of guy (which in some states, could be quite a while!)
They’d made out and played around before, but never gone all the way. Quinn decided it was time and they went for it.

Quinn’s mostly been a top during sex, but lately he’s been bottoming and enjoying it. He considers himself versatile, and loves doggy-style whether he’s fucking or getting fucked, and likes to play a little rough with some spanking and scratching.

Quinn likes jocks, but has never had one. He laughs and says he gravitates towards nerdy-type guys. I think we can set him up with either type here! Quinn says he doesn’t have a lot of sex right now, but we can fix that.

Quinn lifts weights and does yoga to stay in shape. He has a nicely-defined lean body and a great butt that is begging to be fucked, so it’s a good thing he’s started bottoming!

For his first time here, Quinn gets broken in with a blow job from CF fave, Josh! Quinn sits back and Josh sucks Quinn’s cock. Quinn runs his fingers through Josh’s short hair as Josh slides his mouth up and down Quinn’s shaft.

Josh deepthroats Quinn’s cock, and cups Quinn’s balls. Quinn leans back, thoroughly enjoying it, and tells Josh he wants to feel it down his throat again. Quinn’s not afraid to ask for what he wants! Josh strokes Quinn’s cock, then kisses Quinn’s toes and foot. Quinn rubs his stomach as Josh blows him.

Quinn stands up and feeds Josh his cock. He leans over Josh, thrusting his dick down Josh’s throat even deeper. Quinn sits back down and rubs Josh’s shoulder as he gets sucked. Josh’s underwear is down, teasing a shot of his amazing ass.

Josh strokes and sucks and makes Quinn blow a load in Josh’s mouth. Josh lets its run down Quinn’s dick then sucks him dry. Quinn smiles big – I think he likes it here!

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