Football stud Smith makes Amanda moan in pleasure (Corbin Fisher)


The studly Smith is back, but this time with a girl! Maybe soon Corbin Fisher will get him with a guy…

Smith did a solo for us and that looked like it was going to be it. I wasn’t sure I would be able to get him back. This handsome young man garnered quite a fan base from his brief appearance – and I’m thrilled he’s back!

Smith gets to go one-on-one with our newest coed, Amanda. Amanda is a petite brunette with some nice tits and she’s a dancer and cheerleader – so I think Smith will enjoy banging her.

Smith and Amanda make out on the sofa. She gets off Smith’s shirt to show off his muscular chest. She kisses her way down to his underwear and

pulls it off to reveal his boner. Amanda goes down on Smith’s cock, sucking his thick dick.

Amanda knows her way around a cock. She bobs up and down, taking Smith’s dick deep into her throat. Smith holds her hair back and she looks up at him as she swallows his cock.

Smith lays Amanda on the sofa and strokes his dick as he eats out her pussy. He fingers her as he tongues her, making her want his cock even more.

Amanda climbs up on Smith’s dick and rides him. She bounces up and down on his cock so sh

gets every inch of it inside her. She leans over the back of the sofa so Smith can pound her from behind.

Smith gives it to her as hard as he can. He pulls Amanda’s head back by her hair and slams his cock into her faster and faster. He tells her to take it and she does, her tits bouncing with every thrust.

Amanda moves onto her stomach and Smith stuffs his cock back into her. His abs flex and contract as he pounds her harder. Smith pulls out and sprays his load all over Amanda’s stomach.

Now I just have to convince him to do that with a guy!

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