Blond cutie Alan fucks Tiffany in hot straight action (Corbin Fisher)


Oh no, another girl! Alan is certainly a stud though!

New freshman Alan starts off his education with one of the most popular coeds on campus – Tiffany.

Alan was a varsity soccer player and now is passionate about going to the gym. He’s also a vegetarian, but he enjoys eating out Tiffany.

Tiffany says she likes what she sees in the lean, handsome Alan. She gets his shirt off and kisses her way down to his pants. She swallows his cock, going all the way down to his blond pubes. Alan thrusts his cock up into her throat.

Alan enjoys the blow job, but he wants to 69 Tiffany. She sits on his face and he eats her out. Tiffany leans over and takes his cock back into her mouth. Alan’s cock is rock hard and Tiffany wants to get it in her.

Tiffany gets on all fours so Alan can fuck her from behind. Alan pounds her hard and fast. Tiffany moans as she gets fucked, her tits and ass bouncing as Alan nails her.

Alan flips her over and fucks her in the missionary position. He stuffs his long cock as far in her as he can. Tiffany whimpers as he fucks her.

Moving over to the window, Tiffany bends over to take it from behind again. Alan pumps faster and faster. Getting her back on the bed, Alan plants his dick back in her, fucking her while she’s flat on the bed.

Alan hammers Tiffany’s pussy until he’s ready to blow. He pulls out and blasts a huge load all over Tiffany’s ass. Too bad Tiffany’s not a vegetarian, she could have gotten all the protein she needed right then!

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