Kellan Lane bottoms for Joshua Bartlett (College Dudes)


Kellan and Joshua are on the twinkier side of what we usually see from College Dudes – and that’s great! Twinky college guys are always sexy…what with the retention of their boyish looks and all. Enjoy!

Both Joshua Bartlett and Kellan Lane are passionate, energetic guys, so we knew that when we got these two together the results would be great. Sure enough, Joshua and Kellan put on an amazing show! Joshua and Kellan make out, getting one another horned up before Joshua makes the first move. Joshua goes down on Kellans terrific dick, giving him a lot of tongue action and some serious deep-throating. Then Kellan returns the favor, making sure that every inch of Joshuas nice rock dick gets some special treatment. Kellan must have gotten Joshua very excited, indeed, because Joshua is more than ready to get Kellan on his knees and fuck him doggie style deep and hard. As Joshua grabs onto Kellans waist and thrusts his pole deep, Kellan moans in pleasure. Kellan loves Joshuas throbbing dick inside him! Kellan rolls over onto his back in order to let Joshua fuck him even deeper. Joshua continues to drill at a steady pace until finally he gets Kellan close to the edge. Kellan busts a huge nut all over himself, followed shortly by Joshua. Hot fuck!

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