Studying can be boring. Alec Palk and Justin Conway make it fun and sexy! (Staxus)


Studying Staxus boys can still be sexy Staxus boys! Alec and Justin are two private school twinks that are ready for some public (well, on-camera) fun! Enjoy!

We join sexy boys Justin Conway and Alec Palk for this hole stretching session of anal loving! They make a perfect duo too, complimenting each other in appearance and matching each other in their lust for hard cock and some tight ass!

Twink boy Justin is relaxing with a good book (no, not Fifty Shades of Grey!) when his friend Alec arrives for an after school session of cock fun. It doesn’t take a whole lot of persuasion to get hung Justin hard and horny for some play, with Alec feeling the growing mound of his uncut cock in his uniform trousers.

Hard and leaking precum, Justin’s thick and pink tool is soon free to be truly worshipped by his horny friend, and Alec wastes no time sucking the juice from the head and paying some attention to those dangling plums.Shared wanking and sucking ensues as the boys enjoy their meaty shafts between them, but the cock-rubbing frottage is what takes Alec to the point of needing that large dick inside him and he takes up position. Sliding down on his friends naked shaft, Alec takes every inch in his snug hole and riding it as best he can. But it’s not good enough for Justin and he wants to go deeper, flipping the boy and getting him on his knees so he can really drive that cock home!

Taking it slow, he can get all of his cock in there, balls-deep, and that tight chute takes him right to the edge! He pulls his shaft free and gets to wanking as he feels the pleasure growing, delivering a hot mess of gooey boy juice as Alec gives his tight nads a spit bath! A slow motion cum squirting finishes things off as the boys tongue wrestle and Alec wanks his own watery load from his uncut boner. If homework had been like this when I was at school, I would have gotten even less actual work done!

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