Hottie Kellan plows Harper (Corbin Fisher)


Mmm, Kellan! He’s just so studly and sexy! It’s Harper’s turn to get a piece of Kellan – well, his ass gets a piece of Kellan, at least! A nice, thick, delicious piece! Enjoy their hot scene!

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A year ago, I’d not have been able to imagine we’d be seeing more of Kellan. OK that’s not entirely true – I’d imagine it over and over, but just didn’t suspect there was any real possibility we’d be treated to the sight of this stud in action with another man. At that point, it had been so long since we’d seen him I just figured he’d moved on to different things and we’d never hear from him again.

How times have changed! Not only did Kellan return to CF, but he immediately jumped in to some action with his fellow CF studs. Further, not only did he jump in to action but he proved himself a natural! This young man is clearly hyper sexual, knows what feels good, and can embrace fun and pleasure whatever the source.

When he kisses a guy, he does so deeply and passionately. When Kellan gets sucked, his entire body writhes about in pleasure. As we very recently discovered, Kellan is by no means selfish, either – he’ll feed a guy his load, and swallow theirs!

Here’s it’s Harper that’s on the receiving end of a hot fuck from Kellan – and the receiving end of a massive load from Kellan, as well!

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