Charlie Rogers in a sexy photo shoot (picturethis-studios)


Well hello, Charlie! Enjoy watching Charlie lounge in his robe as he gets hornier and hornier, eventually whipping out his nice cock!

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This sexy young guy from the north of England has a cheeky charm and confident manner that can get him out of just about any awkward situation. Unfortunately these same characteristics are what usually gets him into those situations in the first place, not everyone able to fully appreciate this 24 year old lads cocky sense of humour! It’s this same careless confidence however that makes guys like Charlie Rogers so great to work with, as getting naked for fun is more a rule than the exception, especially on a¬†Friday¬†night after a few drinks, when it’s almost mandatory for this sexy straight lad to flop his cock out for all to see! As Picturethis-Studios very own exclusive straight northerner, Charlie Rogers has all the excuses he needs to get naked once again, and has great fun teasing their cameraman in his underwear, before he decides its time to get down to some seriously horny business, and practically rips his tight white briefs off, to show the members of this always original hot UK website some mighty fine prime, hard northern meat!

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