Jack is a hot personal trainer (All Australian Boys)


Finally, a real personal trainer stud on our website! He could actually be my personal trainer instead of me just joking about it…if I lived in FUCKING AUSTRALIA! Come on…let’s find a boy to feature who lives right down the street from me! Please? Anyway, I don’t want to steal all the spotlight from the sexy boy that is Jack – enjoy watching him jack off!

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Jack is a 20 yo personal trainer. Jack is into Surf lifesaving and bodybuilding. His smooth, ripped, well-proportioned body and fresh young good looks all combine to make him as hot as he looks. When he took his pants off he had a fast developing hard cock.. He used the suck jack on himself to get it harder faster. Ultimately spurting for around a meter.(3.3 feet)  It’s the biggest spurt we have EVER SEEN  !  Don’t miss it. !

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