Liam Troy takes a shower (Circle Jerk Boys)


Oh hi there Liam…what’s that? You want me to shower with you? Okay! Liam Troy is the kind of boy you wish you always saw in the locker room showers. With his smooth, beefy bod, thick cock bulging from his jock strap, and cute smile, you know he’s ready for a fun time! Enjoy watching Liam relax in the shower!

Liam is done with his workout and now he’s back at the dorm showers to clean up. He peels off his sweaty workout gear to clean up and as he steps under the water he begins to soap up his young fit body, he starts to reminisce about the night before when he had that hot four way with his buddies. He begins to jerk off rubbing and stroking his whole body all the while thinking about how sexy it was to have three cocks to suck and stroke. He loved being surrounded by all those dicks; he could choose any one and stroke it or suck it. He may be alone in the showers this time but his memory serves him right and he gets a nice thick load out recalling the events from the night before. Enjoy!

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