Dominic Couture fucks Tyler Rivers (Videoboys)


I just knew that hot 18-year-old Tyler Rivers was going to go on to do great things! Or be done by great, big things, like Dominic Couture’s dick! Enjoy watching these hot twinks have their fun!

Think back to your own high school days. Can you imagine the possibility of being openly gay? Dating? Having a steady boyfriend? Going to the prom together? For most of us over a certain age the idea is simply unimaginable. Being gay in high school back in the bad old days meant keeping it a secret and, worst of all, no sex at least until college. But Tyler Rivers and Dominic Couture have the great good fortune to be on the very cutting edge of a new generation of young gay guys who are able to begin exploring their sexuality in high school just like their hetero classmates.

Dom was a bit older than Tyler when they met at their high school through mutual friends. But they hit it off and started dating in the most conventional way. First they went to the movies, then a trip to the beach, then they showed up at parties as a couple and of course the awkward first attempts at making out. They even went all the way once but their inexperience made it a bit of a fiasco. And just like most high school romances it was over in two months and they went their separate ways.

Flash forward to now and both Tyler and Dominic have matured physically and mentally. They’ve both had their share of sexual experiences and know what they want from a relationship. When they met by chance last week at a club they were both anxious to get back together to see how sex could be now that they are two men of the world.

Both boys have learned a few tricks. Dominic put his oral skills to use right away and Tyler proved to be an enthusiastic rimmer. And this time around Tyler got a chance to take his revenge on Dominic for taking his virginity by pounding Dominic hard right off the bat. But it wasn’t long before Tyler felt the urge to re-try Dominic’s big dick and so he sat down on it and rode it like never before. It wasn’t long before the “Dom” in Dominic came to the surface and he flipped Tyler onto his back and fucked him with an enthusiasm we haven’t seen in him before. Could this be the re-beginning of a beautiful friendship?

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