Petr Roland is such a cute jock. (William Higgins)


Petr Roland is aged 20.  He is one very handsome and fit straight guy who works as a bartender. In his spare time he enjoys sports, with his big passion being soccer.  He looks great as he starts his shoot, posing fully clothed.  Then Petr opens his shirt to show off his sexy chest. Leaning, nonchalantly, against the table, shirt draped over his shoulder Petr looks very hot indeed.  The he removes his jeans, turning and lowering his underwear to show off a very sexy ass.  With the underwear removed too he half turns to look at the camera, whilst still showing that sexy ass.  What a great pose that is.  He completes the turn, leaning against the table again, this time with his beautiful soft cock on show, resting on his big balls.  Petr sits on the table, legs bent, so that his cock and balls are shown beautifully. Then he kneels, ass to camera and spread his cheeks to expose his hot, tight, hole. When he stands Petr is rock hard with that beautiful cock poking out in front of him.  He grabs his dick and then gives us some shots of him sitting on the table cock in hand.  Leaning back and lifting his legs Petr shows off his ass again. The cheeks are spread wide apart to show off the hole.  He turns over onto one side, with his ass still on view and cock and ball trapped between his thighs.  Then we get another good look at that sexy ass before Petr finishing by standing up with his cock rock hard.


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