POV Liam (Fratmen Sucks)

Fratmen Sucks brings us a POV-style scene with Liam and his “big dick buddy.” Definitely hot! Although they could use some work keeping it more actually from the guy’s POV…oh well, still hot!

This is the first point-of-view video update we’ve ever done on Fratmen SUCKS! Fratmen Liam is really hot with his big dick buddy.

After much prodding from our members, we created the first Fratmen POV update on the site! We get to see everything through the eyes of our big-dicked buddy. Fratmen Liam and his good friend with a giant cock are hanging out, relaxing, smoking some hookah, and watching some porn together. Both of our guys start to get horny, and Liam reaches lustfully for his buddy’s big bulge. Liam pulls out the big dick and starts to play with it. He can’t help himself and really enjoys having it sit in his hand. Not soon after, Liam sensually ribs and kisses his friend’s ripped body before sucking on his dick. His cock swells completely, and after more oral action and mutual masturbation, Liam allows his friend to cum on his hairy chest. Tired, our big-cocked fratboy lays back and accepts Liam’s load on his stomach.


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The Asiancy “Jake West’s First Interview” (Peter Fever)

More hot, muscular Asian action in Peter Fever’s “The Asiancy”! And a new character, the very sexy Jake West – enjoy!

As with any business if you are not growing, you are dying. Even with all of the turmoil going on between Spencer, Jessie and Eric, business must continue.

It all starts with Jessie’s interview of a new model, Jake West. Jake had tried becoming a part of The Asiancy a year ago, but Jessie rejected him and said he needed to work out more. But now Jake is back and finds out the interview is more in-depth than he expected.

Jake makes claims like he is straight, but Jessie finds a way to test his sexuality. I’ll let you decide, straight, gay or bi? Find out in this week’s episode of The Asiancy called, “Jake’s First Interview” starring Jessie Lee and introducing the young Jake West


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FleshJack testing by Kris Evans, Dolph Lambert, Kevin Warhol, and Jean-Daniel Chagall (BelAmi Online)

So, this is definitely an interesting scene! BelAmi’s FleshJack studs all playing with themselves!? Themselves meaning their actual selves, as well as their replicas…how do we classify this? Double masturbation? Fucking yourself? I’m going to need your help on this, so why don’t you watch and let me know what you think? 😉

We gave our first 4 FleshJack boys (Kris, Dolph, Kevin & JD) a task when the products first arrived to tell us what they were like to use. It was a task that they approached with a lot of enthusiasm. Watch as the boys play with their own toys and fuck Kevin Warhol with his own cock. The hottest boys in the world, plus daily content updates exclusively from BelAmiOnline.com!


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Six Shooter fun with Aiden, Connor and Trey (Corbin Fisher)

Aiden is famous for his hot, multiple loads, but in this scene he catches a bit of a break by sharing the work with Connor and Trey. Aiden still blows three loads, but Trey blows two and Connor one. Enjoy the six shooter bareback fun! OH – and need I remind you that they are all hot and muscular?

NOTICE: This video was filmed without the use of condoms. Individuals should be comfortable with such material before viewing.

Whew! Now everyone on campus is trying to beat Aiden’s record of four loads in one scene! No one’s done it yet, but Connor uses his cannon to fuck three loads out of Aiden and two out of Trey … and he blasts off one himself.

Connor starts off by having Aiden and Trey kiss and worship his incredible physique. There’s more than enough muscle to worship – Trey and Connor go after Aiden’s super-sensitive nipples and Trey sucks Aiden while Connor feeds Aiden his cock.

Aiden and Trey take turns on Connor’s big dick, sliding their mouths up and down his shaft. Connor shoves his cock down both of their throats and Trey strokes Aiden’s cock.

Trey gets on all fours and Aiden eats out his ass. Connor shoves his dick into Aiden as he’s eating out Trey. Connor fucks Aiden.

Aiden gets on his back. Trey straddles Aiden’s face as Connor fucks Aiden and kisses Trey. Aiden shoots his first load all over his abs.

Trey and Aiden get on their hands and knees in front ofConnor. Connor fucks Trey first, plunging deep into his ass. Trey and Aiden kiss, then Connor takes

Aiden from behind.

Connor fucks Aiden doggy-style then goes back to pound Trey again. He switches back to fucking Aiden, spitroasting him with Trey. Trey watches Connor fuck Aiden and jerks off as Connor pounds a second load out of Aiden.

Trey climbs on top of Connor and rides him. Connor drills up into Trey. Trey shoots his first load into Aiden’s mouth. Aiden sucks Trey’s cock dry.

Connor pulls out and cums. But he’s still ready to keep fucking! Trey gets back on his hands and knees. Connor fucks Trey until Trey shoots a second load. Aiden watches, jerking until he shoots his third load onto Trey’s ass.


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Real-World Star Spencer (Dustin Zito) and Travis have some oral fun (Fratmen Sucks)


Dustin Zito starred on The Real World Las Vegas and caused quite a bit of controversy as he tried to hide his former past at Fratmen Sucks/FratPad.  Check out this scene from the past as he has some oral fun in the shower with Travis.

Previously only on Fratmen.TV, all-star Fratmen Spencer experiments with oral sex with blond muscle stud Travis.

Here we have two fratmen alumnus coming together to show us how pros from the Fratpad perform. This update features tall men with muscular builds and hot, huge dicks. We find Spencer and Travis engaged in conversation before they head to the shower for some fun. With the warm water running, both Travis and Spencer shed their clothes and start giving each other head. It’s really hot to watch these young guys perform oral sex so casually. Once they are done, the retire to the bedroom, where they wank their hard dicks to orgasm. The resulting cumshots are impressive.

Click here to check out more hot action at Fratmen Sucks.


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College studs Dean and Diego (Fratmen Sucks)


Dean and Diego are two collegiate cuties.  Watch these two share some oral pleasures with each other.

Previously only on Fratmen.tv, this update features a pairing of two hot, young college guys – Dean and Diego.

We always love to see the Fratmen hanging out together. We like it even more when we see them getting naked and helping each other out. Dean joins Diego in the shower, and they become very close friends. After a little bit of time together in the warm water, Dean takes advantage of the intimate occasion and sucks on Diego’s cock. He really enjoys the experience, and the pair decide to finish in the bedroom. After some time together jerking side-by-side, both Dean and Diego cum together.

Click here to check out more collegiate studs at Fratmen Sucks.


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Matt Hunter and Landon Haynes in twinkie action (Badpuppy)


A sloppy kiss turns into a rock hard fuck session. Landon & Matt dive in head first going down on each other, deep throating like the amateurs they are. Matt flips Landon over onto his back with his legs in the air, to shove his throbbing tool down his open hole. It doesn’t take long for this dual explosion to end with a handful of cum.

Visit Badpuppy’s site for more of this scene by clicking here.


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Aiden Quadruple Load with Tom (Corbin Fisher)


Aiden is certainly one of Corbin Fisher’s hottest studs.  This straight boy is back to show us how much he enjoys getting fucked.  Tom works four loads out of Aiden in this hot series.  Enjoy!

Aiden cums.

And cums again.

And again.

And again.

’nuff said, right? Oh, there’s more. Rising star Tom gets the honor of being the first to make Aiden fire off an insane four loads. I’m not quite sure what made it happen, and Aiden himself, while always open to trying new things and going for multiple loads, wasn’t sure.

Certainly, Aiden admired Tom’s muscular body, big cock and handsome face. They 69 each other, Aiden

sliding his massive cock down Tom’s throat as he swallows Tom’s dick. Tom rimmed Aiden, teasing his hole with his tongue and finger, making Aiden anxious to ride that cock.

Once the buff bodybuilder started riding Tom, it was only a few moments before he shot his first load. Tom thrust up into Aiden, even as cum continues to leak out of Aiden’s cock.

Aiden moves onto his hands and knees so Tom can fuck him doggy-style. Tom rams his dick back into Aiden’s ass. Before they know it, Aiden’s shooting his second load onto the bed!

Tom doesn’t let up. He keeps pounding

Aiden. They stand up, Aiden’s leg on the side of the bed. Tom fucks him from behind. Suddenly, Aiden strokes another load out!

As cum drips onto the floor, the guys kiss. Tom strokes the last drops out of Aiden’s dick. Aiden moves onto the bed and Tom fucks him in the missionary position. Tom pulls out and blows hi pent-up laod on Aiden – who strokes out his fourth load!

The guys head to the shower and talk about Aiden’s amazing load capacity and how great Tom was.

I’m betting some of the other studs in the CF stable are rarin’ to get the chance to be the first one to make Aiden cum five times in one video. And I’m more than willing to give them a shot!


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