Dallas Evans shows newbie Collin Thomas a good time. (Randy Blue)


Dallas Evans gives brand new hottie Collin Thomas a blow job worthy of such a blond jock stud with big hard muscles.

If you want to see more of these hotties in action, click here.

Post Update: We added a 2nd video to this post.  Check it out below!


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American hottie, Brady Jensen, travels to Europe (BelAmi Online)


BelAmiOnline is proud to debut Brady Jensen as our fist American exclusive model. Get to know every inch of his hot muscled body, hear his deep masculine voice and watch him rub one out for the camera in his first Pin-Up photoshoot and solo video. The hottest boys in the world plus daily content updates exclusively from BelAmiOnline.com!

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Connor pounds Tiffany (Corbin Fisher)


Corbin Fisher shows their models in two different atmospheres.  American College Men features guys in solo action or guy-on-guy action.  American College Sex features straight or bisexual activity.  Here is a feature from ACS with Conner.

Here is the description of the scene from Corbin Fisher:

I thought I would pair one of our newest co-eds, Tiffany, with CF Superstar Connor. I felt a match-up like this would show all of us just what Tiffany is made of, and we all would enjoy the heat they created.
The couple kisses, kneeling on the mattress. Tiffanyand Connor feel each other’s tight bodies through their clothes. Quickly, Connor removes Tiffany’s pink t-shirt and bra, and kisses Tiffany’s breasts. She removes his t-shirt. Connor turns her around and unzips her jeans shorts from behind her. He stands on the mattress and drops his jeans. His hard cock springs from his Levis, and Tiffany wraps her fingers around it, bringing it to her mouth. She sucks his thick hard cock as she strokes it. Tiffany licks his balls, then returns her attention to deep-throatinghis cock. Connor pumps his cock deep

into her mouth. into her mouth.
The couple changes position and Connor licks her clit. He and kisses Tiffany’s pussy as she squirms below him. He fingers her as he strokes himself between his legs – his hard cock ready to fuck her.
Connor teases the tip of his cock against Tiffany’s pussy before plunging it deep into her. He pushes the entire length of his dick into her. She moans as he pounds her hard in the missionary position. Connor pulls his cock out slowly then drills his way back inside her. Their hips slap together with each push. Connor turns Tiffany on her side, plowing into her with both strong hands holding her hips. He rotates his thrusts from slow and controlled to fierce and powerful. Connor bends forward to kiss her lips.

Connor and Tiffany switches positions to doggy-style. Connor pounds her from behind. Connor pulls her hair and smacks her ass. Tiffany raises onto both knees. Her ass reddens.
Tiffany straddles Connor, pushing his hard cock deep into her, riding him cowgirl style. His balls tighten as he edges closer to shooting his load. Tiffany leans forward to kiss him. His face is red; his dick ready to explode. Connor gives her the nod, and she dismounts in time to watch him spray his jizz all over his tight abs. He jerks the remaining cum from his nuts as Tiffany kisses him. She strokes the cum from his wet cock.
The pairing of this CF superstar and this new co-ed was definitely a great match. With a performance like this, I think Tiffany has definitely secured her place in the Corbin Fisher campus.

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Bareback action with Manuel Rios and Ennio Guardi (BelAmi Online)


Manuel Rios is always horny and loves to take big dicks. His buddy Ennio Guardi is finishing up at the pool when Manuel invites him inside for some fun. Both studs have great muscle bodies and pack huge uncut cocks that are are rock hard right away. They suck each other off for a bit, but Manuel wants Ennio in him ASAP. Watch Manuel take Ennios big cock condom free today at BelAmiOnline.com!

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Paolo Perez tops Brett Swanson (Randy Blue)


Paolo Perez walks in on Brett Swanson doing a live show and can’t help but fucking his sweet ass in this hot hardcore fuckfest.

Post Update: We added a 2nd video.  Check it out below!

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Peters Twins and Dario Dolce in more forbidden love (BelAmi Online)


Milo and Elijah Peters are back today in this, the first part of a 2 day special with Dario Dolce. Todays scene begins when Darion catches the twins admiring each others bodies, this turns him on and within no time he is fucking the smooth ass of Milo (or maybe it is Elijah) condom free! Plus some serious brother on brother action that you can only see exclusively at BelAmiOnline.com!

Click here to see more action with the Twins and Dario.


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Muscle boys Gabriel Cross & Brett Swanson in hardcore action (Randy Blue)


Brett Swanson and Gabriel Cross were the perfect pairing for this hot hardcore sucking, rimming and fucking video.

Who doesn’t want to see more of these two hotties?  Click here for more of Brett & Gabriel.


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Cain tops Sloan (Corbin Fisher)


Cain is such a muscle stud.  Check out this hot scene of Cain pounding a load out of Sloan.

Here’s Corbin Fisher’s description of this scene:

Sloan is one lucky guy. He’s watching TV when Cain comes up from behind him and starts kissing him. That’s not a channel I ever got on MY remote control!
The guys head to the bedroom and bare their muscular chests. Cain teases Sloan’s nipple with his tongue, and grinds against him. He slowly pulls Sloan’s jeans down, kisses Sloan’s thigh and massages Sloan’s cock through the thin fabric of his underwear.
Cain licks his way up Sloan’s ripped torso. They kiss again. Once Cain ditches his jeans, he grinds his dick against Sloan’s again. He grabs both their thick cocks and strokes them.

Sloan goes down on Cain, swallowing his uncut cock. Cain plays with Sloan’s ass while Sloan blows him. Cain slides a finger into Sloan’s tight hole. He feeds Sloan his dick, making Sloan choke on it.
Cain tells Sloan he’s going to fuck him so good. Sloan’s cock is rock-hard with anticipation! Cain moves down to 69 Sloan. He spits on Sloan’s dick and sucks on it, while Sloan tells Cain how good his dick tastes.
Sloan bends over the bed and takes all of Cain’s big cock. Cain hammers him, driving Sloan crazy. You can tell Sloan’s loving it, even if it is a lot of cock to take at once. Cain keeps pounding and Sloan keeps moaning.

Cain lifts Sloan up, throws his legs over his shoulder and fucks him hard and fast. Sloan puts his arms around Cain’s neck. Cain picks the big guy up and lets him ride his cock that way!
Sloan bounces up and down on Cain’s cock. Cain lies on the bed, and Sloan rides him, taking every inch of Cain’s dick. “Fuck me,” he tells Cain. Sloan blasts a huge load onto Cain’s ripped abs! He quickly hops off.
Cain shoots his load into Sloan’s waiting mouth. Sloan sucks every drop out.
I think I need to rewind and play that in slow-motion a few more times!

Want to see Cain and Sloan in action?  Then click here.


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Travis James tops Jake Andrews (Randy Blue)


Jake Andrews and Travis James have some hot hardcore action and Travis even licks his own spunk off of Jake’s ass.

See more of the hot chemistry between Jake Andrews & Travis James by clicking here.

Post Update: We’ve added a 2nd video of Jake & Travis!


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