Bisexual cutie Robbie makes his debut. (Sean Cody)


Robbie is from the Midwest and loves living out there. So much that he got a tattoo of his home state on him.

“I just love where I am from, we got fields, cows, you know how it is!”

Robbie is adorable. He’s got a cute accent and not to mention one of the larger dicks we’ve seen around here in a while. “What can I say…I’m blessed.”

He also just happens to be bisexual.

“So far I have been with 5 guys. “There is something about their backs, shoulders, and arms that drive me wild. I can’t get enough of it.”

Once we got things going in the studio, we noticed how eager Robbie was to get naked and get to business. By the time the shoot was over Robbie had fingered his hole and ate every last drop of cum that came out of him.


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Adorable Isaac plays with thick and veiny cock. (Sean Cody)


Issac has a natural curiosity to him that really is sexy and adorable at the same time.

“I’m the type of guy that when I see people doing cool shit, I learn it and try to do it even better.”
“So what can you do?” I asked.

And with that Issac started showing us his flips as well as ton of other impressive tricks. He has a great body and great abs and they really popped when we took him to the cliffs to show off.

“I’m usually not this much of a showoff, but fuck this is fun!”

Issac even admitted to being a bit of a nudist.

“I mean I don’t like to run around with my dick hanging in the wind, but I like swimming naked and stuff like that. Just a little bit of risk.”


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Enjoy the beautiful outdoors with sexy studs Joey and Atticus. (Sean Cody)


Atticus was super excited when we told him he was going to be working with Joey. He was under the assumption that he was going to be topping Joey’s huge muscle ass since Joey has always been a bottom.

“It’s a nice surprise. I thought I was going to top but now that I know he’s going to fuck me…I cant wait!”

Atticus even did his homework.

“Before I flew out here I watched every Joey film. I even jerked off to a few!”

Joey was a bit nervous since this was his first time topping.

“I have become such a power bottom, it’s going to be a whole new ball game!”

Once these two got acquainted with each other we packed up the studio and went for a little adventure. Atticus and Joey had a great time hiking around a bit and fucking outside.


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Cutie Kristian shows off his muscled body and nice cock. (Sean Cody)


Kristian looks adorable clothed and naked. This sexy jock isn’t shy in front of the camera and touches his body while he strokes his cock. Enjoy watching Kristian in his debut solo at Sean Cody. Let’s hope he returns back to play around with other hotties like Tanner.

Be sure to click the link below to check out the video so you can hear his cute Southern twang.



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Perry knows how to welcome newbie Donny! (Sean Cody)


Perry is definitely one of my favorite stars at Sean Cody. This muscular jock has a hot smooth body besides being so cute. Blond Donny is new to Sean Cody. His tall worked out body complements Perry perfectly. Both have nice pecs and hot defined abs. It’s so hot watching these two fuck as it’s so evident that they are into each other. Enjoy watching Donny fuck Perry.



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