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Stu makes Matt smile (Sean Cody)

This is the scene that I’ve been waiting for at Sean Cody for a while. Stu is back packing more muscles and nicer abs. Matt is such a cutie with a hella nice body. These two look amazing together as Stu fucks Matt nice and hard.

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Stu pounds Blake (Sean Cody)

Holy shit! Stu has gotten so fucking ripped! With the “old” Stu, I would have already begged him to fuck me…now with this “new,” super buff Stu…I’d probably just drop dead from desire before I ever had a chance to beg him for his big dick! Blake is also looking fine as fuck, and you…

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Stu fucks Tanner (Sean Cody)

Oh yes, I love it when hot guys flex their big muscles for me! Keep flexing Stu and Tanner! What’s that? You want to fuck and flex? That sounds hot too! Enjoy watching these two muscle studs fuck bareback! Want to see more of Stu and Tanner? Who doesn’t!?! Click here now to check them…

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