The Asiancy, Season 3, Episode 2 — Eric East and Diego Vena in “LiveCam Lust” (Peter Fever)

Hot Asian muscles! My favorite! I wouldn’t mind of Eric started stripping on cam with me…or in person. Or whatever! Enjoy some sexy “LiveCam” action!

Eric realized after fucking Jessie that things between them are not the same. He remembered talking to Peter about these hot guys on and he decided to check them out. As Eric started looking at all of the guys he noticed this erotic Latino named Diego. His deep voice, a hot body, and sensual smile got Eric turned on. And Diego started getting hard and horny after finding out that Eric is Asian.

Diego slips off his pants and shows off his hard cock. Eric starts thinking about pounding Diego’s ass and begins to jerk off, fantasizing over his hot Latin cock.

Check out the chemistry between Eric East and Diego Vena in “LiveCam Lust” – The Asiancy Season 3, Episode 2.

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  1. Weslie Navarette on June 29, 2023 at 10:46 am

    I would love to have a live sex chat with eric east ?

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