The Asiancy stars Eric East and Diego Vena (Peter Fever)

The Asians of The Asiancy are always so hot…Eric is definitely a sexy beast! Enjoy watching him get plowed by Diego!

The last person Eric expected to see at Peter’s house party was the rugged Latino Diego who he jacked-off to on webcams a couple of days earlier. So when Spencer started introducing him to everyone all he could say is, “I can’t believe it’s you.”
Eric decides to show Diego around the house and quickly guides him to the bedroom. Diego remembering Eric describing himself on webcams says, “It’s nice to see that at least two of the three things were true…I can’t see how tone you are with your shirt on. Why don’t I help you with that?”
And that’s when the fuck fest begins between two of the hottest guys on the planet. Check out Eric East and Diego Vena in “The VIP Guest”.
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