Curly haired Joshua Barlett jerks a nice load (College Dudes)


Joshua is a lean and sexy College Dude and he’s going to give us all a nice cock show! Enjoy!

Joshua Bartlett is a very sexy 19 year old sophomore. His curly locks and broad smile sums up the carefree and happy attitude he has about life. Not only is he a busy student, he also has time to stay home drawing and listening to music. With this kind of well-rounded guy, we could only assume that he must be awesome putting on a show, too! Well, his show is definitely spectacular. After he strips, he works up his cock. Joshua cock is absolutely beautiful – rock hard and usually dripping with pre-cum. He stands up to give us a better view, pulling and yanking on his shaft as he closes his eyes to dream up a fun fantasy. After a few minutes he lies on the bed to give us a view of his hot bubble butt. His dick is so nice we hardly noticed his butt, but when he spreads his cheeks we were completely in love! Stroking his cock through his legs, and occassionally spreading a cheek to give us a view of his pink virgin butthole, Joshua definitely turns up the heat. As he rolls over, he breathes heavily and then focuses on the finish. Joshua drops a huge nut on himself to end a very sexy JO session. Great Stuff!

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