So You Think You Can Fuck III continues in episode 8 with Topher DiMaggio topping Lance Luciano (Dominic Ford)


Topher and Lance are real-life boyfriends that get to do a scene with each other in this next installment of SYTYCF. I’m convinced that there are no actual rules to this sex contest…but it sure is fun to watch!

Things are taking a crazy turn this episode. The contestants must complete a complicated obstacle course. One team is sure they are going to win, but do they? One team stumbles badly on a challenge that required mental agility instead of physical dexterity. Then, the judges jump in to announce a MAJOR twist in the competition, that results in real-life boyfriends Topher and Lance doing a scene with each other! The judges say this is the hottest scene so far. Watch and find out what happens!

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