Hunter Page pounds a very lucky Dennis Slade (College Dudes)


Hunter Page is such a cutie! Now it’s his turn to pound the muscular and studly Dennis Slade – both of them really enjoy it, so you should too!

Dennis Page loves dick, and Hunter Page has the lucky dick this week!  Hunter has been awaiting his chance to show his stuff on top, and Dennis has the perfect butt for him – round, bubbly, deep, and inviting!  Dennis and Hunter start out slowly, making out and undressing.  Once Dennis gets a good grip on Hunters cock, though, he is down on his knees in a flash.  Dennis give Hunter one hell of a blowjob, and Hunter is determined to give him a good one as well.  The real action begins, however, once Dennis gets on his hands and knees, practically begging Hunter to stick it in.  hunter obliges, and he goes in hard and deep.  Dennis loves it so much he starts backing up on Hunters cock, making sure that his dick hits just the right spot.  Once on his back, Dennis continues to get pummelled by Hunter.  Hunter gets extremely excited at the sight of Dennis on his back getting railed, and he dumps a nice big load all over Dennis.  Hot Fuck!

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