Connor Levi gets jackhamered by Jamie Sykes (Staxus)


Two cute twinks! Connor and Jamie are very adorable together – we hope you enjoy their sweet, hot sex!

Sometimes it’s good to get to know our porn stars just a little bit better – otherwise the boys in question can seem somewhat two-dimensional. And it’s with this in mind that director Michael Burling introduces us to young Brit beauties, Jamie Sykes and Connor Levi, asking them a series of questions before inviting them to get on with the job at hand (so to speak).

To some viewers all this banter will appear a tad superfluous – especially if you’re simply gagging for a good wank. But to fans of the reality production technique it’ll all serve as an added bonus to what eventually proves to be a fantastically hot coupling! Levi, in particular, is a real joy to watch – a terrific blond boy-babe who clearly just exists for the next hard fuck. Which (as it turns out) Sykes is only too willing and able to give him!

As such it isn’t at all long before Levi is tossing out a fabulous load of pent-up teen jizz for your delectation; whilst his partner in crime gives up an equally delicious wad of baby-batter just a few minutes later. In short, we defy anyone with a taste in hot, young flesh not to be simply overcome by these two horny cock-magnets at the peak of season!

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