Blake bottoms for Marshall in a really hot scene (Corbin Fisher)


Marshall is so hot – he’s one of our favorite new Corbin Fisher studs! He definitely knows how to be a good top…just look at how much Blake loves his cock!

NOTICE: This video was filmed without the use of condoms. Individuals should be comfortable with such material before viewing.

Blake has become a solid, go-to guy around campus. He’s pretty quiet around here, always willing to help out, but he seems reserved – until you get his clothes off and get him in front of the camera! Then he goes kind of nuts, craving dick like nobody’s business!

Marshall is more outgoing, and, as he proved in his pairing with Tiffany, he’s as enthusiastic about action as he was doing his solo. Now, we have two hot and eager young men ready to get down and dirty for you!

Blake and Marshall kiss passionately. You can see there bodies move towards each other, ready to touch and be touched. The clothes come off and Marshall kisses his way down to Blake’s cock.

Marshall goes down on Blake’s dick, licking the shaft and then deep-throating it. He comes back up to make out with Blake some more, then they move into a 69. After sucking each other off, Blake gets on all fours so Marshall can fuck him doggy-style.

Blake moans as Marshall penetrates him faster and faster. “Fuck me,” he tells Marshall. Marshall slows downto tease Blake, then ramps it up again, pounding Blake’s ass.

Marshall sits down and Blake slides down on his cock to ride Marshall in a reverse cowboy. He bounces up and down on Marshall’s dick. Blake loves that prostate stimulation!Blake lies down and Marshall rims his hole, which drives Blake crazy. He wants more cock, not just tongue! Marshall slams his dick back inside Blake and hammers him. Blake blows a thick load all over his abs.

Marshall pulls out and shoots his load on top of Blake, drenching him in cum!

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