Cutie Colton gets creampied by Tom (Corbin Fisher)


Two videos of Tom’s hung dick in one day! This time his victim (or grand prize winner, really) is the cute and studly Colton! Enjoy their hot scene!

NOTICE: This video was filmed without the use of condoms. Individuals should be comfortable with such material before viewing.

Tom is always full of energy – and today he’s really combusting! Tom flexes for new guy Colton and makes him laugh about how he’ll “cum busting” inside him.

Tom puts all that energy to good use when he makes out with Colton. He kisses Colton, the kisses hi way down Colton’s ripped chest and abs. He pulls off Colton’s shorts to find that Colton is already rock hard.

Tom licks the shaft of Colton’s cock, then sucks it. Tom’s come a long way since he sucked his first dick and Colton’s on the receiving end of a killer blow job.

Colton wants to return the favor. Tom stands up and feeds Colton his dick. He swallows Tom’s fat cock, enjoying every inch Tom pushes down his throat.

Now completely horned up, Colton bends over the nightstand and Tom fucks him from behind. Colton has an amazing ass, and Tom loves how it feels wrapped around his cock.

Tom pounds Colton doggy-style. Tom lies down and Colton, not wanting to have that dick out of his ass for a second, jumps on Tom’s cock. He rides Tom and kisses him. Tom thrusts his cock up into Colton even faster.

Colton lies down and Tom holds Colton’s legs apart as he fucks him. He pounds a huge load out of Colton, that splatters cum all over his abs.

Tom keeps thrusting, until he cums. He sprays all over Colton’s ass, then finishes him off with a hot creampie.

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