Dennis Reed works Kai Alexander’s ass nice and hard (Staxus)


Kai is a cute little twink, and Dennis is a sexy masculine stud with a big cock…I can’t wait to see what happens! Enjoy the scene!

Denis Reed has long since built a reputation for being a player – a guy who’ll pretty much have sex with anything so long as it has a pulse – whilst young Kai Alexander is the kind of boy who’ll rut with any dick so long as it’s thick, hard and able to give him the sort of ride he’s long since grown accustomed to. So put these two fabulous performers together and you can pretty much imagine straightaway what kind of ball-draining escapade it proves to be.

A coupling made all the more intense by the contrasting skin tone on display – Reed’s tanned physique pounding away at Alexander’s pale butt. It’s the simple animalistic passion on show here that serves to make this a truly unforgettable encounter, however; with the Czech top dishing up yet another power-fuck that leaves Alexander’s pucker in absolutely no doubt who’s the daddy.

Indeed, one can’t help wondering how the Brit boy managed to sit down following on from the shoot given the pummelling that his hungry hole receives – a raw barrage of stiff cock that not surprisingly sends him spurting over the edge mid-ride, before the dirty bitch kneels to take the kind of full-on facial that he deserves!

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