Cutie Liam Emerson jerks a nice load (Squirtz)


Liam is really cute, and his ass and legs are pretty well toned! Maybe next time we’ll get to see a big cock plowing that hot ass…

I spotted Liam Emerson in a bar here in Montreal and I immediately thought “Wow, this boy would look great on Squirtz.” A mutual friend introduced us and as soon as I explained to him what I wanted, he was all in. And since that auspicious beginning it has been all clear sailing with our interactions with Liam. It’s rare that we meet a model so eager to please and easy to work with. Liam is a dancer and you can tell that the instant you see his powerful legs and his bubble butt. Because of his obvious good looks we assumed Liam would have had plenty of sexual experience, but we learned that Liam has actually been very low key with his sex life and as of our shooting this video, he had only ever been with three other boys. But this video is Liam’s declaration that things are about to change. Liam wants to experience all the pleasures the flesh has to offer.

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