Vincent shows off that he likes to jerk a lot (Corbin Fisher)


Vincent is a cocky, beefy stud – and he knows it! He also knows that he likes to blow hot loads out of his big, meaty dick, so that’s exactly what he does! Enjoy his hot solo scene!

Handsome and well-built Vincent is not nervous at all about jacking off on camera. He’s super horny! Vincent says he has a “high libido” and likes to jerk off a lot. He even goes into the bathroom at work on his break and jacks off.

Vincent says he’s been saving it up for this, so I believed him when he said he wasn’t nervous – he was ready to blow! He loves fantasizing about anal sex with girls as well as girls in fishnet stockings.

Vincent has a sly grin when he talks about his first time having sex. He says we was drunk and a girl took advantage of him. He laughs and says he actually loved it, even though she didn’t talk to him anymore after that.

Vincent is definitely an ass man and likes fucking doggy-style as well as slipping a finger into a girl’s ass if he can get away with it. He says the wildest place he’s had sex is on the top of his car on the side of the road.

Vincent used to play football but now he lifts weights to stay in shape. He watches porn a lot, and he loves both anal porn and videos where a girl gets naked in public. He’s definitely an exhibitionist – he’s also fucked a girl in the ladies locker room of the gym.

Vincent is a character, for sure. He likes to travel and party as much as possible, and says he likes the simple things in life – like sex.

Once Vincent’s naked, his cock is already semi-hard and sticking outward. He sits down and strokes. His dick curves to the side and it gets nice and thick when it’s hard. He rubs his legs as he jerks, then stands up and watches himself in the mirror.

Vincent feels his chest and breathes heavily as he jerks. He’s totally in the moment and you can tell he loves jacking off. He lays down and strokes out a thick load onto his stomach. Of course, I’m sure he was thinking about fucking a girl in the ass when he came. Now he needs to think about fucking a guy in the ass!

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