Sexy Chris Hewitt blows a nice load (College Dudes)


I wish I had met more boys like Chris when I was in college…he’s pretty sexy! Maybe a little heavy on the tattoos, but that’s not a big deal to me. What do you say, Chris? Date? 😉

Chris Hewitt is a cute 20 year old with a great smile and a great attitude about his sexuality. When we met Chris we were impressed at how self-sufficient and hard-working he is, and we really warmed up to him quickly. Chris gets to show us all in this jerk-off vid. Chris begins by stripping down to reveal some tats and a small slender bod – he stands just 5-6 tall. His sexy little butt is definitely one of his main attractions! Chris lies down on the bed and works up his cock, moaning and breathing softly. As he strokes his cock, he moves around a lot – perhaps he is thinking of a hot fantasy and getting a little anxious. He turns over to show us one of his best assets, and as he pushes hit butt up in the air, he continues to stroke his dick. You can definitely tell that Chris enjoys attention being paid to his ass! Chris gives us a great show of it, and then he rolls over and works himself up rather quickly to a hot ending. His climax is awesome, and we can only imagine how he might do with another young man by his side! Hot solo!

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