Brody Wilder and Campbell Stevens show how versatile a 4×4 truck can be (Next Door Buddies)


Mmm…Brody and Campbell are such studs! Their muscles look so delicious out in the hot sun! Enjoy the scene!

They’re a couple of hot guys, working together on a sunny afternoon.  While taking a break in the shade, Brody opens up to Campbell about his girl problems.  Campbell is sympathetic as he hears Brody complain that she doesn’t put out anymore.  Campbell commiserates he hasn’t gotten laid in a while either.  When Brody asks Campbell if he’s ever messed around with other guys, Campbell casually tells Brody he, in fact, has.  It was the question for which Campbell was hoping.  Without any more hesitation, Brody begins rubbing his friend’s crotch.  Then Campbell peels his tight jeans off, revealing the chubby forming under his boxer briefs.  Not long after, Brody has his mouth around Campbell’s swollen cock.  After some nice, deep sucking and firm jerking, Campbell is returning the favor by slurping down on Brody’s fat dick.  Then Brody takes position for a good, hard ass pounding from his pal.  Even though the Summer heat is a killer, this feels too good to slow down!

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