Firemen Jesse Magowan and Milan Sharp turn on the heat (Staxus)


Hmm…I don’t think these guys are buff enough to be firemen…I think they’re impostors! …really cute, twinky impostors…ok fine, I don’t care that they’re not really firemen!

There’s no smoke without fire, as they say – and there’s no way that you’re gonna sit through this smouldering hot scene without giving your cock a real good cum-inducing tug (or two!) in appreciation. After all, who could possibly fail to be ignited by the sight of this pair of horny twinks going for it hammer and tongues? Jesse Magowan and Milan Sharp (complete with his immaculately blond coiffure) are two of the cutest firemen you’re ever likely to cum across – excuse the pun – whose idea of dousing the flames would perhaps be judged a little unorthodox in some quarters.

No criticism is ever gonna be levelled by us though. This flip-flopping couple just love to suck cock and fuck ass in equal proportion, as each take turn to surrender their hungry hole in their lust for a hard fireman’s hose. First Magowan fucks Sharp; then the roles are reversed so that Sharp can pummel Magowan.

Then the two flip back into their original positions – at which point Sharp pumps a healthy pool of boy-batter all over his belly. But it’s Magowan’s eruption – and surely no other word can be used to describe his climax – that warrants most acclaim, spewing cum like a spray gun!

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