Ripley fucks Paige in straight action (Corbin Fisher)


Oh no, a girl! Ripley is a really sexy straight guy…maybe we’ll get to see him with another guy sometime soon!

Ripley is back!

I thought we’d seen the last of this killer hot guy. Sadly, I still haven’t been able to get him to cross over to doing guy/guy stuff yet … but he’s so hot I’m going to heed the old adage of “If at first you don’t succeed … get the guy back to do some more guy/girl action!”

Ripley really was such an amazing find, and a nice guy to boot. I’m thrilled that we got him back (longer hair and all). Paige, of course, was stoked to add another super-hot guy to the list of studs she’s gotten to fuck.

Ripley and Paige make out pretty romantically, with Paige lying in Ripley’s lap as they kiss. He feels up under her shirt and she pulls it off so he can have easier access. He pulls off his shirt and kisses her pierced nipples. Ripley still looks great, his chest and abs as delicious as ever.

Paige goes down on Ripley, sucking his cock. They switch places and Ripley eats her out, lapping up her hot pussy. Paige whimpers and moans as he tongues her. She can’t take the teasing anymore – she’s wet and wants him inside her.

Ripley’s happy to oblige! He shoves his cock into Paige. Thrusting in and out, he pulls out

to tease her pussy again, then pushes his dick back inside her. He swivels his hips, rotating a bit and driving Paige even crazier.

Paige leans over the sofa so Ripley can fuck her from behind. He grabs one of her tits for support and bangs her harder. Her tits bounce as he fucks her.

Ripley pushes Paige’s legs over her head and holds them there as he drills her. Pumping faster and faster, Ripley pulls out and blasts a big load all over her legs and ass.

Welcome back Ripley – now let me introduce you to the other side of CF …

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