Muscular David Circus in solo play (HardBritLads)


When I visited London, I didn’t see any cute British guys. Not a single one! Maybe next time I should book my trip through HardBritLads…

A real hottie for you here! Super cute young David Circus appearing for the first time on camera, showing off his fit defined muscular body and very thick uncut dick as he oils up his muscles and jerks off in different positions before spunking hard over his six pack..

David is a seriously cute lad, with piercing green eyes and a lightly tanned, nicely muscled smooth body, and hairy legs.  He starts off standing, in sexy pale blue sports kit. Giving us frequent horny little looks, he starts to rub the bulge in his shorts, then lifts his top to give us our first glimpse of his fit body.. He plays with his nipples, then takes his top off.

He reaches for some body oil, and rubs it into his chest and arms, making his pecs and six pack look awesome.. he goes back to groping himself, and you can see a real nice thick heavy bulge developing there.. Then, he pulls his shorts down.. Wearing tight white boxer briefs, his soft bulge already looks very impressive.. as he starts to rub and squeeze it, it gets bigger and thicker..

Finally, David slowly pulls his undies down.. As he does, a really thick meaty dick hangs down between his legs, with a thick foreskin too. Giving us a sexy look, David starts to play with his thick meat, sliding his foreskin back and forth over the end.. He takes his time getting rock solid, keeping his dick in that semi hard stage, giving us lots of horny foreskin action and close ups.

He gets it hard, and you are gonna love the girth on this. His cock curves downwards slightly, which is rare, and super horny, and David is confident as he plays with it for us, showing it off. Some great angles from below and point of view shots from above..

David then moves to the sofa, sitting back into the corner, legs apart, and continues to play with his thick meat, nice and slow, changing hands, more foreskin action.. As he jerks off with one hand, the other hand goes down between his legs, and he starts to rub the spot beneath his balls.

Again, loads of horny different angles showing off his great body and horny dick.. He starts to speed up a bit now, and as his hot muscles begin to tighten to tense, his cock starts to throb even thicker.. he keeps it going, slowly getting himself closer and closer, then keeps himself on the edge of cumming for a moment, then he finally releases, and jet after jet of hot liquid juice spurts up his chest.. Its a powerful cumshot, and you see it all in horny slow motion..

As David catches his breath he squeezes out the last few drops of spunk..

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