Enjoy checking out Brennan (Corbin Fisher)


Brennan is certainly a beefy stud! While his masculine appearance might be intimidating to some, surely any doubts about Brennan will vanish when he flashes that charming smile of his!

I’m already in love with Brennan! The thick eyebrows, the smile, the rugged face and sexy, worked-out body– he’s got it going on. I really fell in love when this wrestler and footballer said chopping wood and cooking were some of his hobbies. I’m ready to sit back and have him cook up some grub … but only if he’ll get naked doing it.

Brennan smiles confidently as he tells about the first time he got laid. He has a killer smile and has no problem whipping off his clothes and showing off his body. He has a great bubble butt and a terrific chest and shoulders.

Brennan claimed to be a little nervous, but he didn’t act it. He was as comfortable naked and stroking in front of the camera as he would be playing on the football field – maybe even more so. This stud is the epitome of a college football player and I’d love to see him in the locker room with some of his teammates!

For now, we have to settle for Brennan by himself, working his cock. He gets it nice and hard, jerking it with a tight fist. At one point, he uses both hands! Brennan rubs his furry pecs as he strokes his dick.

Brennan leans over the chair and jerks off towards the window, the sun backlighting his pubes and his legs. Even though he says he goes to the gym every day, his solid physique looks more built from sports than gym time.

Brennan strokes faster until he blows a load onto his abs. Cum drips all over his fingers and he looks down at his load. He says he was thinking about a girl he had sex with who made him blow the biggest load he ever had.

I want to see if he can break that record here at CF!

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