Sexy kickboxing action with Heath Denson and Marty Love (Staxus)


Sexy, sweaty, sporty boys! Yum! Enjoy watching Heath and Marty wrestle!

Modern life can be so sedentary, with little if indeed any regular exercise, that it’s vitally important that we maintain a regular fitness regime – a sentiment that both Heath Denson and Marty Love have clearly adopted as they engage in a sweaty, breathless session of kickboxing practice. But why stop there? Wrestling each other to the floor, it’s next to no time before hunky Love is forcibly tugging away Denson’s skin-tight body-suit and giving the pretty twink’s hairless cock a real manly sucking. A turn of events that Denson self-evidently has no objection to given that he’s soon returning the compliment. All the same, it doesn’t take much of a genius to understand where all this action is headed – or, to put it more accurately, where Love’s thick uncut shaft is set to end up! – and indeed before you know it Denson’s hungry little pucker is being given an enthusiastic rimming in preparation for the inevitable fuck that’s set to follow. And where tongues go, cocks are sure to follow, as Love pounds balls-deep into Denson’s hole, giving the pommel-horse a real good workout in the process. By the time Marty’s spewing over Denson’s face, odds are you’ll be creaming too!

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