Blake gets fucked hard by Hunter (Corbin Fisher)


Mmm…studly Corbin Fisher boys! Blake and Hunter are so manly and hot together – enjoy their hot pounding!

NOTICE: This video was filmed without the use of condoms. Individuals should be comfortable with such material before viewing.

Hunter and Blake are ready to go – their cocks are bulging out of their underwear already! Blake loves to suck cock anyway and Hunter is more than ready to get a blowjob – so they dive in and get started!

Blake is hands-down, one of the best cocksuckers to come along in a while. He relishes it so much, and everyone who’s gotten blown by him sigs his praises. No wonder Hunter is already hard. Blake bobs
up and down on Hunter’s dick.

Hunter squeezes and rubs Blake’s ass. Hunter’s ready to suck some dick, too, so Blake leans over and feeds him his cock. Hunter swallows Blake’s shaft and licks Blake’s balls, stroking his own cock as he sucks Blake.

Blake slides down onto Hunter’s cock. He bounces up and down on it, making Hunter moan with pleasure. Blake pushes against Hunter to take every inch. Hunter grips Blake’s beautiful butt cheeks and drills up into Blake’s ass.

Hunter rims Blake for a long time, getting his ass good and wet. He slides his cock back in and fucks Blake from behind, pushing him down into the couch. He rams his dick in and out of Blake’s hole faster.

Blake rides Hunter again, kissing him as he grinds against Hunter’s cock. Blake cums, shooting his load into Hunter’s mouth. Hunter sucks Blake dry, and I don’t think he missed a drop!

Hunter spits it out onto Blake’s ass and uses it as lube to plow Blake again. Hunter fucks Blake until he’s ready to shoot. He pulls out and blasts his load all over Blake’s ass, then shoves his cock back in for good measure.

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