Ashton and Miles spend some sexy time together (Southern Strokes)


Oooh, the studly boys from Southern Strokes are always fun! Miles sure has a juicy piece of meat…good thing Ashton likes it so much! Enjoy their sexy scene!

Two of the finest Country Boys to fuck in the Hills of Georgia thats how I would best describe Miles and Ashton.  Both of theses studs were from opposite ends of Georgia so we had them meet us up at the Lake house and see what we can get done.

I hear from Miles from time to time and he hasn’t changed except that he’s finished school and moving on the green pastures.  Ashton on the other hand I have lost track of.  I’m sure he’s doing well cause he is one smart country mother fucker.

There isn’t anything Ashton liked better than a big ole Cock on a hot college stud so he was literally chomping at the bit to get Mile’s monster in his mouth.  Ashton laid his head over the bed so that Miles could throat fuck him to give Ashton a little taste of what his ass was about to experience.

Ashton finally begged Miles to fuck him so he jumped up on all fours and spread open his hairy little hole for Mile’s taking.  Miles cock kept swelling to longer he fucked Ashton’s hole.  I thought Ashton was going to pass out before he got Mile’s creamy load in his mouth.  It was definitely worth the wait.

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