Hot collegiate action – Tom fucks Alan! (Corbin Fisher)


Sexy collegiate studs Tom and Alan are ready to get it on – are you ready to watch? 😉

NOTICE: This video was filmed without the use of condoms. Individuals should be comfortable with such material before viewing.

Handsome new freshman Alan jumped right into action with Tiffany a while back. Now he’s ready to take on the ever-wise-cracking Tom!

Alan is a tall blond with a lean, swimmer’s body and terrific abs. He’s pretty outgoing, and he doesn’t shy away from Tom’s joking around. He gives as good as he gets, so watch out, Tom!

Tom’s been on a roll right now of breaking in new guys. Alan was a little nervous, but mainly excited about getting fucked on camera, and knew he’d be in good hands with Tom.

Tom’s come such a long way since his first time, and he enjoys being with a guy more than he ever thought possible. He’s a great one to break in the newer guys, since he understands their nervousness and he knows how to help them get over it. He also sucks dick much better now, too! 

Tom gets off Alan’s shirt undoes his jeans so he can get right to work on Alan’s cock. Tom plays with Alan’s dick through his underwear and kisses Alan’s abs. I can’t say enough about Alan’s body! He has such a hard, lean frame – he’s a treat to look at, much less for Tom to lick and kiss.

Tom blows Alan. You can tell by Alan’s face he’s in heaven. Tom lies down so Alan can suck his thick cock. Another thing Tom’s learned to do well is rim. He shows Alan his skills, and Alan is just about in ecstasy at this point. Tom slides a finger into Alan’s ass to get him ready.

Alan climbs on top of Tom’s cock. Tom thrusts up into Alan, fucking him as Alan watches himself in the mirror. Alan’s dick is rock-hard as he gets fucked. He’s loving both getting fucked and watching himself get fucked.

Alan gets on all fours and Tom pounds him from behind, and again Alan is loving the sight of his ass getting pounded by Tom.

Alan gets on his back and Tom fucks a big load out of him. Tom blasts his load onto Alan’s ass and creampies him. The two head to the showers and talk about Alan’s experience. He definitely had a good one!

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