Sexy South American action with Gabriel Thomas and Francoise Delano (BoyzParty)


Check out these lean, sexy studs! Gabriel and Francoise are quite hot together – wouldn’t you want to wake up to breakfast with them? 😉

Grindr reached South America and not a moment too soon for oh so sexy and mad horny 20 year old Francoise Delano. He barely had uploaded his profile picture when Gabriel Thomas took one look and instantly knew what he wanted to have for breakfast. Francoise marched up his stairs and quickly replaced Gabriel’s orange juice glass with his tongue and even faster, Gabriel was on his knees and devouring Francoise’s fat, uncut cock down to the short and curlies. Francoise kneelt down, returned the favor and let his fingers do the walking right down in Gabriel’s puckered hole, but Gabriel had other ideas. After a fast and furious assault on the usually off limits ass of Francoise, Francoise completed his by using Gabriel’s ass like punching bag before using Gabriel’s face as a real life cum towel.

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