Clint gets a massage with a happy ending from Zeb (Corbin Fisher)


Clint sure is a beefy blond hunk, and the cute and charming Zeb is ready to work his magic on all those big muscles! Enjoy the hot, oily massage!

You may need to step back from the screen a bit – Clint is a BIG guy! This hot blond bodybuilder has a great smile and some massive muscles! Clint likes to go out and party on the weekends but most of his free time is spent in the gym.

The amazing thing is, Clint’s only been working out for three years. His chest is huge and those shoulders may have their own area code. His butt is amazing and his biceps are thick and need to get kissed a lot.

Clint’s shyness and self-consciousness makes him all the hotter! He smiles shyly when talking about what bodypart people compliment him on, and his eyes make you melt. In the studio, he was very reserved,

taking everything in and trying to process the fact he was going to get naked on camera very soon.

Clint was definitely nervous and I thought if he got a massage, he might relax a little bit before jerking off for us. Zeb was happy to come in and oil up and give the buff bodybuilder the deepest tissue massage he can!

Zeb spreads the oil all over Clint, then works on his muscles from his legs to his back to his biceps, paying special attention to that muscular ass. Zeb digs into Clint’s shoulders to relieve any tension there – but there’s some other body parts that need relief!

Zeb massages Clint’s balls and then his shaft. Clint’s cock

stiffens in Zeb’s grip. Zeb blows Clint, going all the way down on his thick dick.

Clint gets on all fours and Zeb massages Clint’s ass with his tongue and finger. That oil does get everywhere! Zeb keeps on stroking Clint’s cock as he rims him.

Clint flips over on his back and Zeb sucks a thick creamy load out of Clint’s cock. I think Clint’s finally relaxed now!

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