Trevor has great aim! (Chaos Men)


Trevor is a hungry boy, but there are no other studs around whose big juicy cocks he can suck! So what is a horny boy to do? Well, Trevor milks himself, of course! Enjoy Trevor’s sexy solo scene!

Trevor has done work for other production companies and when he ran across another one of my models, I apparently got a very high recommendation.  He lives relatively close, is very polite and professional, AND he seems to be very versatile. Beautiful blue eyes, hot body, fat cock, and ass begging to be fucked. Score!

I have been saying in these summaries that I am a little bottom heavy right now, so getting someone in to do some scenes with new guys is just what I needed. Kind of a a pro to help lead the way, whether that be Top or Bottom.

He is a smart guy and a pleasure to talk to. He has been working hard on putting some mass on, and I think he is morphing from “twink” status to a fine mature young man. He is very comfortable performing, and was even willing to do some different things to make his solo stand out.

I still wanted to keep it simple for his first shoot, so we went through things he has not done on video. Surprisingly using a toy was one of them. I also asked him if he had ever done a self-facial, to which he replied that if he had a toy inside him, he could likely cum in any position.  Especially if it was a large toy.

True to his word, he gets his ankles over his head with a rather large blue torpedo deep in his ass.  With just a little bit of effort, he bust his nut all over his face!

Look for more Trevor in the coming months!

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