Kelso fucks Josh…his first time with a guy! (Corbin Fisher)


It’s Kelso’s first time with a guy, and who better than the charismatic and talented Josh to help break him in? Josh is a veteran and has a really approachable personality, so he knows just how to treat Kelso’s body! Enjoy their hot scene!

NOTICE: This video was filmed without the use of condoms. Individuals should be comfortable with such material before viewing.

Motorcycle buff Kelso was nervous about his first time with a guy. Good thing Josh is great at helping guys relax – usually by putting their dicks in his mouth!

Kelso had a great time with Paige, so he was getting more used to being on camera. He still felt anxious about being with another guy for the first time.

Josh eases Kelso into things by leaning him back and kissing him. Kelso’s eyes had been darting around a little

nervously as we talked. Once Josh kissed him, though, he only had eyes for Josh.

The guys ditch their shirts and Josh kisses and nibbles his way down Kelso’s lean torso. Kelso gasps, a little surprised at how good Josh’s mouth feels on his nipples. Josh massages Kelso’s cock and rips Kelso’s belt off.

Josh goes down on Kelso’s cock. Kelso moans and his dick stiffens as Josh blows him. Josh enjoys sucking dick and he goes down on Kelso voraciously.

If there’s one thing Josh likes more than sucking dick … it’s riding dick! Now that he’s got Kelso all pumped

up, Josh is ready to ride Kelso’s personal crotch-rocket.

Josh climbs up on Kelso and slides that fat cock into his ass. He bounces up and down on Kelso. The guys move into a doggy-style position, so Kelso can cram every inch of his dick into Josh.

Getting Josh on his back, Kelso buries his cock deep into Josh’s ass. Kelso fucks him until Josh blows a big load all over his abs. Kelso keeps thrusting in and out of Josh until he’s ready to blow all – and he paints Josh’s abs in even more cum.

The guys shower off and I think Kelso, our motorcycle mechanic, found a new toy to play with.

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