Peter Le in “Room with a View” (Peter Fever)


Oh Peter Le…I must touch your amazing muscles! Peter is definitely the most pecstacular Asian hunk I have ever seen – my favorite!

I woke up in my hotel room, I could feel the warm sun enter the room. I got up to take a look at the amazing view outside my window when I caught  a guy across from another building glancing at me. He kept looking away and looking back, I guess he was shy, but I could tell he was admiring my body. Next thing you know, he pulled his cock out and slowly jerked it while pressing his body against his window.
I turned away, teased him, I couldn’t let him have it all, I had to make him want more. I wanted to see if he wanted it bad enough. I imagined him coming over to my room and showing me what he wanted to do with that hard cock of his. That’s when I realized it was Peter Le, my fantasy lover the whole time. I almost forgot I was naked in front of the window, I wonder if anyone else caught a glimpse of the show.

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