Hot scene! Cameron fucks Harley then cums in him. (Corbin Fisher)


It’s hot to see the cum flying, but I always like it when muscle boys blow inside other muscle boys! Enjoy this hot bareback scene with Cameron and Harley!

NOTICE: This video was filmed without the use of condoms. Individuals should be comfortable with such material before viewing.

After a workout in the gym, Cameron is getting undressed when Harley comes in. The tension is obvious and there’s only one way to dispel it – and that’s by fucking!

Cameron and Harley make a great match. Similar in size and physique, they also share an enthusiasm for sex that turns them into eager fuckers once they start making out.

It’s so hot to see how far Cameron has come since his first attempts at sucking cock. He goes down on Harley and takes care of Harley’s cock the way he wants his sucked.

Harley always puts 100% of himself into what he does and when he came to CF, he jumped into guy/guy action with no hesitation. He’s just gotten better and better, as he proves when he sinks to his knees to blow Cameron.

Cameron rims Harley as Harley kneels over the bench.He slides his cock inside Harley and pounds him. Harleymoans loudly, enjoying Cameron’s dick thrusting

in and out of him. Cameron speeds up as Harley holds onto Cameron’s neck.

Flipping Harley over, Cameron fucks him hard, holding Harley’s legs wide apart so he can go in as deep as he can. Cameron fucks a huge load out of Harley, that lands all over Harley’s legs, tight chest and abs.

Cameron keeps fucking Harley and the cum keeps cumming. Cameron pounds Harley until he’s ready to blow – and instead of shooting it on Harley, he pumps his load inside him.

That’s definitely one way to relieve post-workout tension!

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