Kellan Lane and Parker Nolan get into some hot flip-flop action (College Dudes)


Kellan and Parker are such a good couple of college studs – enjoy their flip-flip fun!

Kellan Lane and Parker Nolan hit it off in a major way in this video! Both of these college studs are ready to go, and they start hot, heavy, and excited. After feverishly making out and getting down to their birthday suits, Kellan goes right to his knees. Faced with a big dick, Kellan gives it the royal treatment. Parker loves getting his dick sucked, and Kellan knows just how to please him. The roles are turned soon, as Parker gives Kellan an amazing blowjob as well. Soon, however, the attention is turned to each others assholes. Both Kellan and Parker are more than ready to dig in with some tongue action. Kellan and Parker rim each other, prepping each other for a hot flip flop fuck! Parker goes first, hopping on Kellans big cock and – after easing in – begins riding up and down at a furious pace. Kellan, of course, is in heaven. Soon, though, Parker wants a piece of ass, too, and Parker flips Kellan on his back and begins to fuck the daylights out of him. Kellan loves getting fucked, and Parker knows just how to hit the right spots! Kellan busts a nice load while he is getting rammed, and Parker follows soon after with a nice creamy load of his own. Hot Fuck!

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