JP Dubois and Billy Rubens share a last goodbye (eurocreme)


Aww, JP is leaving the Dream Boy Hotel!? Did I miss the memo? Oh well…at least we get to watch his one last goodbye with Billy Rubens! Enjoy their touching and their touching scene!

Stopping by on his way out, JP Dubois has one last goodbye to say. Billy Rubens is confused and upset by JP’s swift disappearance act but at least he gets control of the Hotel! As a final parting gift, JP and Billy have a last fling. The sight of the two hottest bodies in the Hotel getting hot and heaving next to one another is enough to make anyone forget about leaving. JP goes to town on Billy’s stiff dick and the hunky Russian twink lets out some soft moans that are pure sex, mixed with the sight of his smooth swinging balls! JP decides his dick is in need of some attention too, and straddles Billy, giving us the opportunity to gaze at his perfectly toned body, pecs and abs to die for, then looking down and seeing his big thick dick in the handsome mouth of Billy, slowly getting face fucked by the man he really wants. Giving Billy something he’ll truly remember forever, JP gets him on all fours and opens that hot ass, licking his hole for the very first time! If only this was the lead to his first time fuck but, alas, no. Billy isn’t giving that up any time soon and besides, JP’s butt is firmly on the menu! Sit back and enjoy Billy’s scorching hot body thrust into JP as he grips the bed for traction and pushes back on Billy’s incessant fucking, getting rewarded with a face covered in Billy’s delicious spunk — there’s so much JP could drown!

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