Brad Fitt and Leo Blonde certainly prove that blonds have fun! (Staxus)


More horny British twinks! Enjoy these two smooth cuties from Staxus!

Question: what does young Brad Fitt prefer? A feisty drawl on a cigarette? Or a generous slurp on some horny chav’s cock? Fact is we can’t exactly say for sure, but if this abandoned warehouse set-piece is anything to go by then it’s very reasonable to conclude that the evidence is only pointing in one direction.

After all, no sooner has trackie-donning Lex Blond entered the room than Fitt has merrily abandoned the evil weed for a bit of good old-fashioned dick play, feasting on the aptly named Blonde’s handsome, uncut ramrod for all that he’s arguably worth. Not that the love of cock appears to be in any way one-sided. Given half the opportunity, Blonde’s down on his knees to replicate the favour – deep-throating Fitt’s straining cock right to the base!

All this cock-hungry fervour is nothing, however, compared to the flip-flop fucking that follows – Fitt banging Blonde, Blonde screwing Fitt, Fitt humping Blonde … we guess you get the picture! These two lads just decide who’s top and who’s bottom – but then that only adds to the overall sense of pent-up youthful energy. All eventually made manifest by a couple of terrific money-shots that even blast the camera!

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