Amanda gets her wish. She gets to fuck around with cutie Bradley! (Corbin Fisher)


Oh no, another girl! Bradley is so sexy though…so we have to help Corbin Fisher show him off! Bradleeeeeeyyyyy!

Amanda couldn’t wait to fuck cute new freshman, Bradley – now she gets her chance!

Bradley has good looks, charm, tight body and of course, a hot cock. No wonder he was driving Amanda crazy with desire. The two make out and Bradley knows how to get Amanda’s juices flowing. He kisses and licks her tits, then grabs them as he pulls her jeans off.

Once Bradley kisses his way down Amanda’s stomach, he slides his tongue into her pussy and eats her out. She moans as he fingers her and tongues her.

All this is making Bradley rock-hard. He ditches his pants and strokes his cock, ready for Amanda to give it some attention. They 69 each other, Amanda going all the way down on Bradley’s cock.

Amanda gives Bradley a killer blow job, then jumps on top of him to ride his cock. She grinds up and down on him. He thrusts his dick up into her harder, banging the bed against the wall. Amanda’s in for a great ride!

Bradley rolls Amanda over and fucks her in the missionary position. He stuffs his cock deep insideher. Bradley and Amanda kiss, and he pulls out to

tease her pussy with his dick before ramming it back into her.

Bradley fucks Amanda doggy-style until he’s ready to cum. He shoots a big, thick load all over her ass. No wonder she was so into Bradley – he’s a power-fucker!

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