Tom Nutt hooks up with Ethan White (Staxus)


Tom and Ethan are two twinky office boys and they’re ready to blow off some steam after work! Enjoy these two cuties!

If you had the opportunity to sneak off to a quiet apartment for a little intimate time with young Tom Nutt wouldn’t you grab it with both hands? Well that’s certainly the reaction that we gained from Brit boy, Ethan White, when we told him of our plans – and why, he even dressed up for the occasion! Not that he remains in his shirt and tie for very long, it must be said – and nor, for that matter, does Nutt! In fact, White’s down on his pal’s long, luscious ramrod like a bitch in season; before Nutt returns the favour a few minutes later with equal gusto. Just seeing this pair of gorgeous doe-eyed twinks feasting to the full on all that hot, fresh flesh is more than enough to get you dumping a generous wad of white stuff there and then; but matters become even more blistering when Nutt takes the plunge and sinks his hungry little asshole onto his horny pal’s thick, swollen dick. Whereupon he promptly gets fucked around the room for our delectable entertainment. Is it right or proper? Who gives a fuck! All that matters is that Nutt proves his reputation once again as one of the biggest sluts around, delivering a terrific spooge of jizz before White’s nads add to the mix!

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