Gentry pounds Paige in straight action (Corbin Fisher)


Oh no, another girl! Again! But there’s Gentry…who is pretty irresistible!

Gentry is, without a doubt, one of the hottest finds of the new year. He’s handsome, has a great body, is incredibly enthusiastic and is still modest and charming. Paige is the lucky girl who gets to break him in on camera. I’m a little jealous!

Gentry’s eager smile is all it takes to make coed Paige even get a little nervous – especially after he tells her how super-hot he thinks she is! They have great chemistry together, laughing as she get Gentry undressed.

Once Paige kisses Gentry, it gets hot quickly. She

feels his cock through his underwear and he gets her shirt off. Paige kisses her way down to his rock-hard cock and takes it in her mouth. The smile on Gentry’s face says it all – he’s in heaven as she licks the head of his dick before swallowing the shaft again.

Gentry goes down on Paige, eating her out once she lies down. Gentry laps up her hot pussy, stroking his dick as he tongues her. Paige moans as she watches him play with himself. Gentry gets up and slides his cock into her.

Gentry holds her legs apart as he stuffs his dick into Paige. He slows his thrusts down to tease her, then speeds back up.

Paige gets on all fours so Gentry can fuck her doggy-style. He pounds her faster and harder. This young man is taking to fucking on camera like a duck to water! He pulls her back by the hips to take every inch of his cock.

Gentry lies back and Paige rides his cock. She leans back so his dick goes even deeper into her. She flips around to face him. Gentry fucks up into her even faster. Gentry pulls out and blasts his cum all over his abs, then rubs it in.

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