Chandler gives Brayden a sensual massage (Corbin Fisher)


Mmm…Chandler and Brayden! I’m sure Brayden is stressed out as an engineering student, so Chandler’s sexy massage must’ve really helped him! Maybe next time Chandler will massage Brayden’s prostate? That’d be even better!

Brayden is a cute chemical engineering student, who wanted to try something a little different so he applied to get naked on camera for us. I think he’ll definitely spark some chemical reactions with our fans – and I hope he’ll enjoy experimenting at CF!

When he’s not studying or working fast-food jobs, this 20-year-old athletic stud goes to the gym almost every day or keeps active outside by playing tennis or camping. All that exercise pays off – Brayden has a tight, lean body.

Brayden’s first time was with a girl he knew in school, at his house while his parents were gone. He’s from a small town and everyone quickly knew about it – so he’s no stranger to having sex for the public.

Brayden has a wide and engaging smile that will make you want to snuggle up to him – or massage him. Chandler is right there to help relieve Brayden’s tension – and maybe do some covalent bonding (that’s a science word Brayden taught me!)

Chandler oils up Brayden’s back and starts massaging him. He works his way up and down Brayden’s body, then flips Brayden over to massage his chest. Brayden’s cock stiffens – and Chandler knows there’s one muscle he needs to pay special attention to.

Chandler slowly strokes Brayden’s cock with the massage oil, before bending down to lick Brayden’s shaft and balls. Chandler takes it nice and slow, teasing Brayden with his tongue before going all the way down on him.

Brayden sits up as Chandler sucks him, then strokes his cock faster and faster. Every muscle in Brayden’s body tenses as he explodes in Chandler’s mouth. Cum flies up and Chandler quickly slurps it up.

That’s what I call fun with science!

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