Billy Ruben pounds Brendan James in a hot fuck scene (eurocreme)


Billy Ruben has a nice fat Euro cock that’s ready to blow some yummy Eurocreme! Brendan James certainly thinks it’s yummy, that is…and we’re sure it is too! Enjoy the scene!

As JP is busy in the room servicing his latest guest, Billy is at the reception and in comes cute curly haired Mark and his friend Brendan James! The same Hotel, the same couple.. something’s going to go very wrong, or very right! With Mark putting Billy up for some hot fun with his mate, Brendan isn’t so sure it’s what he wants, but as Billy slowly strips, exposing that hot hot body of his, Brendan’s face lights up and his eyes narrow with a sense of danger but excitement! Finishing off Billy’s trip for him, it’s not long before they are making out right there in the room and both getting steadily more naked until there’s nothing to so but fuck, and Billy is the king of fucking! The one position you’ll remember forever is with Brendan on his shoulders, on the floor, legs wide and Billy’s dick pushed down inside his open hole, giving us the best view imaginable, and them the best feelings they could wish for in a damn fine scene to get your own hole twitching in pure envy! Treated to a thick face full of cum after wards just makes this an immediate classic scene for the DreamBoy Hotel!

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